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Assessment Tools

Discover the power of transformation with Safe2Great's suite of assessment tools, meticulously crafted from the SAEF22GREAT study. Our Growth Mindset 360 offers a panoramic view of leadership potential, while the Great Teams Assessment delves into the dynamics of team effectiveness.

The Culture for Growth Survey analyzes organizational behaviors to foster high-performance cultures, and the Change Champion Survey evaluates readiness for change. Each tool, backed by global research and validated by thousands of leaders and employees, links behavior and mindset to drive performance and effectiveness.

Begin your journey to excellence with Safe2Great's comprehensive assessments. All these tools are linked via the Growth Mindset Compass which enables an unparalleled systematic approach to leadership and organizational development.

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Growth Mindset Leadership 360

The Growth Mindset Leadership 360, developed by Safe2Great, is an advanced assessment tool designed to align with the demands of high-performance global leadership in the 21st century, recognizing the critical roles of creativity, collaboration, and adaptability amidst digitalization and workplace disruption.


This tool has been inspired by the transformative success seen at Microsoft through the application of Growth Mindset principles, aiming to evaluate and enhance leadership capabilities by setting a new leadership standard.


It emphasizes the importance of leaders serving as role models to foster a growth mindset within their teams and organizations, underlining the necessity of self-awareness in how leaders' thoughts, feelings, and behaviors influence their performance and organizational culture.


This comprehensive assessment explores both the "inner game" of leaders’ thoughts and feelings and the "outer game" of their behavioral impacts on others. It combines interpersonal psychology, psychological safety, and growth mindset principles to identify strengths, pinpoint counterproductive tendencies, and suggest actionable steps for mindset shifts towards more effective leadership and growth-oriented impacts.


The Growth Mindset Leadership 360 offers insights into leaders’ balance of challenge and support for their teams, conflict management styles, and leadership effectiveness against a global benchmark.


Available in over 10 languages with an English report, this tool is a crucial part of the Safe2Great™ suite, which integrates leadership, team, and organizational culture assessments, providing a scientific and scalable approach to implementing Growth Mindset in organizations.

Growth Mindset Self Test

The Growth Mindset Self Test, crafted by Skip Bowman, leverages cutting-edge research to set a new benchmark in 21st-century leadership, addressing the increased need for creativity, collaboration, and adaptability amidst the digital transformation impacting nearly all jobs. Inspired by the transformative success of a growth mindset at Microsoft, this self-assessment tool is designed to evaluate and refine leadership capabilities to meet these evolving standards.


It emphasizes the crucial role of leaders as exemplars of a growth mindset, urging them to understand how their thoughts, feelings, and actions influence their performance and the organizational culture.


This tool focuses on mapping the "inner game" of an individual's mindset, identifying strengths, uncovering blind spots, and addressing weaknesses. It offers a comprehensive approach to personal development, assisting leaders in breaking harmful habits and enhancing beneficial ones, and providing strategies for quick, effective decision-making.


Rooted in interpersonal psychology, psychological safety, and growth mindset principles, the Growth Mindset Self Test not only reveals areas for improvement but also suggests actionable steps for mindset shifts to foster a more impactful, growth-oriented influence.


Through this self-assessment, leaders can develop personal change agendas with the support of a certified Growth 360 coach, transforming these plans into enduring, positive habits, even in challenging situations.

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Great Teams Test

Team Development

The Great Team Assessment (GTA), created by Skip Bowman, is a revolutionary tool designed to enhance team performance by leveraging the latest insights into high-performance teamwork and collaboration.


Recognizing that psychological safety is pivotal for teams to achieve commitment, adaptability, innovation, and effective collaboration—as evidenced by Google’s research—GTA aims to foster these elements in global teams. In today’s era, marked by a need for intense collaboration, problem-solving, and knowledge sharing, understanding and improving team dynamics is crucial.


The GTA evaluates teams on the Protective-Growth scale, examining aspects like commitment, accountability, connectedness, conflict management, decision-making, innovation, and performance management.


This tool is designed for real-time feedback, ideal for workshops or sprints, and requires accreditation as a Safe2Great™ practitioner for implementation.


By mapping behavioral patterns and communication within teams, GTA provides a structured approach for teams to reflect, receive feedback, and develop collectively towards fostering a growth mindset and psychological safety.


As part of the Safe2Great™ suite, GTA integrates with broader leadership and organizational culture assessments, offering a comprehensive system to track and influence the development of team and organizational cultures.


Through this scientific and scalable approach, the Safe2Great™ development system empowers organizations to harness the power of a growth mindset, leading to more resilient, resourceful, and effective teams.

Culture for Growth Survey

Organisational Culture assessment

The Culture for Growth survey (C4G) by Skip Bowman is an innovative tool designed to navigate the complexities of cultivating a high-performance culture in the 21st century.


Recognizing the pivotal role of culture in determining both short-term and long-term business success, the C4G survey is geared towards building sustainable organizations with environments that foster creativity, collaboration, and commitment.

In an era marked by ethical challenges and rapid technological changes, leaders are tasked with developing cultures that are agile, innovative, and capable of sustaining global teams, necessitating deep insights beyond traditional engagement surveys.


The C4G provides a systematic approach to mapping current organizational cultures, setting unified cultural objectives, and diagnosing developmental areas across business, teams, and leadership.


It uniquely assesses organizational interactions on an Unsafe-Safe-Growth scale, offering predictive insights into effectiveness, leadership quality, responsiveness, and readiness for change.


This tool distinguishes itself by requiring participation from only 30-40% of employees through stratified sampling, focusing on measuring healthy behaviors and identifying potential toxic or unethical practices.


Part of the Safe2Great™ suite, the C4G is a key component in a comprehensive system that integrates assessments across leadership, teams, and organizational culture.


It supports leaders in implementing Growth Mindset strategies, aligning and holding individuals accountable not just for their results but for the manner in which they achieve these outcomes.


By adopting the C4G, organizations can embark on a scientific, scalable journey towards embedding Growth Mindset principles, positioning themselves for success in the fast-evolving business landscape.

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