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Psychological safety has been shown to be the foundation of high performance in teams at Google. Without psychological safety, these teams did not reach high levels of commitment, adapt quickly to changing circumstances, innovate or make the most of collaboration. Are you looking to create agile, innovative and collaborative global teams?


The Growth Mindset Team Culture Survey (TCS) developed by Skip Bowman builds on the latest research on high performance teamwork and collaboration in the 21st century. 

To be successful at work, people must collaborate more than ever before. The current age of insight and innovation will require high levels of problem-solving and knowledge sharing. Global teams will have to work hard to bring the best out of their diverse members. And some of the biggest influencers in a workplace are your closest colleagues. In this world, team members need to understand both the functional and dysfunctional sides of their behaviour. Work together to shift their personal and team mindset to a higher operating mode. And build trust quickly and effectively. They need a Growth Mindset. 

To achieve this, you need systematic tools that can help you and your team map your current patterns of behavior and communication. You need a language that enables team reflection, feedback and development. You need to make meaningful links to individual development plans. And you need to be able to track improvements over time. 

The Growth Mindset TCS maps the patterns in your team’s current interactions and assesses where they lie on the Unsafe-Safe-Growth scale. The TCS also assesses teammember commitment, accountability and connectedness in addition to overall team effectiveness and quality. You can also assess how you manage conflict, make decisions, innovate and manage performance. The TCS can be deployed in real time to provide feedback rapidly during workshops or during a sprint. All you need is to become a Safe2Great™ accredited practitioner and you can start building psychological safety and a growth mindset in any team. Teams with higher levels of psychological safety are more robust, more resourceful and more effective. The Growth Mindset TCS is part of the Safe2Great™ suite of assessment tools that integrates leadership, team and organizational culture assessments into one powerful system. With these tools, you can map and track how leadership behaviours shape and change team and organisational cultures. Whether you want to map where your mindset is right now, or how it has changed in response to your development initiatives, the Safe2Great™ development system provides a robust, scientific and scalable approach to putting Growth Mindset to work in your organization. And, you can become certified in all or some of the tools to use in your organization or business.

Growth Mindset - Team Mindset Assessment - 6 members

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