The Growth Mindset Organizational Culture Survey (OCS) developed by Skip Bowman builds on the latest research into high performance culture in the 21st century. Recent ethical and business failures have demonstrated the power of culture to determine short and long term success of your business. Sustainable organizations create healthy psychological workplaces that reward creativity, collaboration and commitment. 

Increasingly, senior leaders need to create organizational and team cultures that support agile, innovative and global teams. They need insights that go beyond what they gather from engagement surveys. They need to transform mindsets and build cultures that keep pace with rapid innovation and technological changes. They need to align leaders around culture objectives and hold people accountable not just for what they do but equally how they do things. And they need to assess the likelihood and prevent toxic and unethical activities occurring. 

To achieve that, you need systematic tools that map your current culture and define common cultural goals for the future. You need a common language that is simple enough and yet adequately insightful to drive change at all levels of the organization. You need an approach that ident