The Growth Mindset Leadership 360 assessment developed by Skip Bowman builds on the latest research and thinking on high-performance global leadership in the 21st century. The levels of creativity, collaboration and change needed by the future of work, not to mention the disruption that digitalization will bring to almost all jobs, require a new standard in leadership. At Microsoft, Growth Mindset has driven an amazing business and organizational turnaround. The Leadership 360 assesses your leadership against this new standard. 

Leaders at all levels face the challenge of creating a growth mindset in their teams and organizations. You are the main role model. People follow what you do so much more than what you say. To transform your organisztion, you need to know how your current thinking, feeling and behaving is impacting your own performance and shaping the culture and behaviors of the people around you. 

To achieve that, you need a 360-degree tool that maps your own thinking and feeling—your inner game, and maps how your behaviors impact others and shape their own actions— your outer game. You need a holistic approach that defines and develops strengths, and also discovers blind spots and weaknesses. You need help to crack your bad habits and leverage your healthy ones. You need a model that helps you to read the situation, the context and people quickly so you can make better choices about your words and actions. 

Based on inter-personal psychology, psychological safety and growth mindset principles, the Growth Mindset Leadership 360 will identify strengths and discover counter-productive tendencies in your think