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 Is your leadership and culture spreading change or resistance? Are you hard-wired for growth or complacency? Are change derailers blocking your transformation? Built on Growth Mindset principles, Skip Bowman has developed the Change Champion™ survey to measure not only your organization’s ability and readiness for change, but equally the underlying culture of change. 

“When the majority of change projects fail, deliver late or below expectations, we need a new tool that looks below the surface of the project team’s change leadership strategy and assesses the impact of organizational culture.” - Skip Bowman 

The Change Champion™ survey is based on the principles of psychological safety, growth mindset and “contagious change”. Teams that experience “safety” and can develop a growth mindset are not only capable of agility, they are capable of making change contagious. 

The Change Champion™ survey measures 4 different aspects of change. Firstly, it assesses to what extent the project is meeting the 4C principles of Compelling, Courageous, Capable and Contagious. How Compelling is your change project to your team? How much commitment and courage is there to try new things and make the change? How effectively does your change plan address competence and capability issues? And, how are you reinforcing and driving change through social and behavioral influencing? 

Uniquely, the survey assesses actions that contribute positively to these principles, and actions that derail or disrupt them. Our experience is that you learn more about what is leading to project failure or disappointment by asking tough and uncomfortable questions, rather than nice ones—and ask them earlier rather than later. You may have a compelling case for change, but do you also have information overload or do leaders lack credibility? Your leadership team may have committed to the change, but do they make decisions or act in ways that undermine the transformation? Secondly, the survey makes a mini-assessment of organizational culture. Change project leaders and executives are often struggling with organizational cultures that block, bend and strangle change. Do you have a “controlling-competitive” culture, that needs to evolve more transparency and involvement in change? Do you have a “conforming-complacent” culture that needs to evolve more direction and accountability? Or do you have a “critical-skeptical” culture that shoots down and resists all changes? Thirdly, the survey assesses the project’s change leadership outcomes like involvement, agility, responsiveness to feedback, and trust. And, finally, it provides an evaluation of the respondent’s personal commitment, confidence and capability to deliver on the project goals. Effective change is more about harnessing social rather than individual psychology. Nudging and design-thinking have important roles to play in a successful change strategy. The Change Champion™ survey measures how effectively you are creating a “contagious” change or whether you are spreading “diseases” like politics, resistance, skepticism or complacency. The Change Champion™ is part of the Safe2Great™ suite of assessment tools that integrates leadership, team and organizational culture assessments into one powerful system. With these tools, you can map and track how leadership behaviors shape and change team and organizational cultures. Whether you want to map where your mindset is right now, or how it has changed in response to your development initiatives, the Safe2Great™ development system provides a robust, scientific and scalable approach to putting Growth Mindset to work in your organisation. And, you can become certified in all or some of the tools to use in your organization or business.

Change Champion Survey

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