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Safe2Great Distribution Agreements

As part of the development of Safe2Great in 2023, we are looking to establish partnership, distribution agreements and accredit partitioners in our Growth Mindset tools. Over the last 7 years, we have been researching, designing and testing the best assessment tools for Growth Mindset in global organisations. And now with great benchmarks, we can truly assess whether your leaders, teams and organisations operate with a Growth Mindset or a Protective Mindset (aka Fixed Mindset).

We are currently making good progress on a distribution deal in the UK and potentially and the Gulf states. And we would particularly like to find a distributor for Denmark & Scandinavia and the the US. We are willing to discuss other markets. Contact us!

We will be offering accreditations in our Growth Mindset Leadership 360 in Denmark, UK and France during 2023. Dates will be available soon. There will be similar opportunities in the UK for accreditation in the Great Teams, Change Champion and Culture for Growth tools.

Becoming a distributor is a great business opportunity for the right partner. We are confident there are excellent opportunities to develop a tool-based business and a strong consulting business due to the popularity of the Growth Mindset and Psychological safety concepts. It is also a great way for an existing consultant company to use the Safe2Great IP to create a niche in your region or country.

If you are a consultant, becoming an accredited practitioner can provide a new way to differentiate yourself in the market and join a really strong community of Safe2Great practitioners. We are not only providing the best Growth Mindset tools in the Busines but a whole universe of coaching and training materials and approaches to support your work.

During 2023 we are expecting strong interest and growth in the Safe2Great tools and methods due to the release of the Safe2Great book in September. We will be marketing this book strongly in the UK, US and Europe over the coming months.

For leaders wanting to develop their own Growth Mindset and learn how to develop teams and organisations with a Growth Mindset, we will be running 2-3 open programs in DK, UK and France in 2023 to provide opportunities for any leader to start on the Safe2Great journey.

Safe2Great has a vision of building great organisations by Mobilizing and growing human potential, creating "green" operating models that regenerates the planet, and fuel safe, prosperous and inclusive societies.

Safe2Great is the beginning of a journey. Our next step is to embrace the green economy fully and take leaders, team and organisations from Great2Green. Joining us will allow you to be part of creating a new psychology for leadership, team dynamics and organisations.

If you are interested in getting accredited in our tools or to partner in a more substantial way via a distributor relationship, contact Skip Bowman.

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