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Publishing deal signed!

I have just signed the contract for publishing the Safe2Great book in the US next summer. It's a huge personal and professional milestone. Years of work and some serious frustration. But it's really worth it. The book will be available on most e-book platforms already in June 2023.

My hope is that the book not only contributes to a workable concept for implementing Growth Mindset in leadership, teams and organisations, but also adds to a more critical approach to leadership and culture. The book argues that the only way to fully realise the potential of Growth mindset in your organisation, you will have to map and develop 6 growth mindset principles AND reduce unhealthy and sometimes toxic ways of working.

The book is the entry point to a universe of tools and methods that we have developed and tested over the last 5 years. Designed for leaders, HR professionals and leadership / organizational development consultants, the book provides the foundation for our Safe2Great Accrediation process.

Over the next months, we will be editing and finalising the manuscript to make the book as great as possible.

It's been a growth mindset journey the whole way through. Including getting married, having 3 young girls, Covid 19 almost closing my consulting company, and now building it back up, purchasing an estate in France and converting it into a lovely facility for holidays and events (

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