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New Psychology of Leadership for a new era

Updated: May 15, 2023

According to the recent McKinsey article "New leadership for a new era of thriving organizations" by Aaron De Smet, Arne Gast, Johanne Lavoie, and Michael Lurie, organizations were designed and managed for an industrial environment focused on stability, scale, and predictability. However, many organizations have realized that this approach is ill-suited to the complex challenges and societal demands they face today. As a result, a new form of organization and management is emerging that seeks to be open, fluid, and adaptable while delivering greater value to all stakeholders.

This new model focuses on creating sustainable, inclusive growth, and companies leading the way are developing new architectures featuring collaborative networks of self-managing teams that operate in rapid cycles and focus on creating value for their stakeholders. Safe2Great recognizes the importance of these trends and provides a framework for leaders to embrace this new model by developing growth mindset and psychological safety.

Psychological safety is a foundational principle of Safe2Great's approach. It is the belief that individuals should feel safe to express themselves without fear of negative consequences. In a psychologically safe environment, individuals are more willing to take risks, learn from their mistakes, and be creative. Safe2Great helps organizations create psychologically safe environments by promoting trust, respect, and open communication.

Growth mindset is the second foundational principle of Safe2Great's approach. It is based on the idea that individuals and organizations can develop their abilities and improve their performance through dedication and hard work. By embracing a growth mindset, individuals and teams are better able to navigate challenges, learn from failures, and achieve their full potential. Safe2Great helps individuals and teams develop growth mindset through training, assessment, and tools.

The combination of growth mindset and psychological safety provides a powerful framework for leaders to navigate the complex challenges facing modern organizations. Safe2Great's approach to developing these principles is rooted in a complete theory of leadership and organizational culture linked to growth mindset. The company recognizes that developing personal potential with a growth mindset is important, but more importantly, they help organizations create growth in their relationships, teams, and overall culture.

Safe2Great's approach is based on six operating modes or leadership principles that bring out the best in others by mobilizing skills, confidence, and purpose. These principles include building trust, creating a shared vision, fostering collaboration, embracing diversity, providing support, and promoting continuous learning.

· Aim High

· Explore

· Transform

· Go High

· Lift Others up

· Team Up

Safe2Great development tools are designed to support the mindset shift that the authors speak about in the Mckinsey article. The Culture for Growth Survey is a scientific instrument developed to accurately measure an organization's psychological safety and growth mindset. The results of the survey can be used to identify areas where the organization may be falling short in these important areas, and provide guidance for improving them. Additionally, Safe2Great offers a range of training and assessment tools aimed at developing growth mindsets and creating psychologically safe environments. These tools help individuals and teams to understand the principles of growth mindset and apply them in their work. They also encourage the development of key skills such as collaboration, communication, and innovation, which are essential for success in the new networked leadership paradigm described by McKinsey. By combining these development tools with a commitment to fostering growth mindsets and psychological safety, organizations can create a culture that supports sustainable, inclusive growth and adapts to the ever-changing demands of the modern business world.

The Safe2Great team recognizes the need for a new approach to leadership and organizational culture that focuses on creating sustainable, inclusive growth. These challenges and solutions are explored in detail in the book “Safe to Great” written by Skip Bowman and published by Figure1 Publishing in September 2023, sub-titled “New Psychology of Leadership”.

As a company and community of like-minded coaches and leaders, Safe2Great are dedicated to helping people and organizations reach their full potential through the development of growth mindset and psychological safety. These principles are especially relevant in today's complex business environment, where the old hierarchical model of leadership is increasingly seen as an obstacle to meeting the demands facing modern organizations.

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