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Growth Mindset releases Relational Potential

I think many people and especially leaders get one thing fundamentally wrong about high performance and growth potential (i.e., future performance): they believe that it comes exclusively from the inside. Performance and potential are based on attitude or personality or drive. It’s something you are born or blessed with and it is independent from situation or peers. You either have the right stuff or not. Find the right person, and you can solve any problem; so, the argument goes.

But I want to offer a different conceptualization of performance and potential. One that acknowledges the collaborative nature of almost all work and that your mindset is much more social than individual. In the Safe2Great model, Growth Mindset increases your ability to master yourself to grow your personal potential, AND your ability to transform the moment to grow your relational potential.

Relational potential is all around you in the knowledge, perspectives, wisdom and energy of your team mates, stakeholders and customers. You can't know everything, but you can still gain access to so much more, if you learn to bring the best out in others.

When there is a emotional connection, there is the chance for real breakthroughs. Sometimes this is forged through common problems; sometimes through shared passions. No matter what, it's the bond between people, that you care about something, that drives innovation and high performance. When people stop caring about each other and their common purpose, you have complacency or despondency.

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