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From Safe to Great Manuscript Delivered to publisher

Finally. I have managed to complete the manuscript more or less on schedule for the Safe to Great book to be published in North America and Canada in Fall 2023. It's another and perhaps the biggest milestone so far on the Safe2Great journey.

Next step is the first round of editing. I'm both nervous and excited to work with Steve Cameron on this phase of the project.

I am proud to see the ideas come together into a 150 page manuscript that gives the reader not only the insights to put growth mindset to work, but also the critical thinking to understand how protective mindsets and practices stand in the way. This book is about why and how to implement growth mindset. It argues for critical thinking and a bold ambition for how we lead and organise in the mid-21st century. I want it to contribute to our race to save the planet which will require rethinking leadership, re-engineering organisations and repurposing capitalism towards People, Purpose and Prosperity.

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