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12 Growth Mindset Coaching Questions

Growth Mindset is more than improving your own performance potential, it’s actually about mastering and leveraging your emotional and relational potential.

Research into mindset is far too focused on thinking and problem-solving. It’s together with and through others that you can create the greatest impact. That’s what the Safe2great concept is all about.

Here are 12 questions you can ask yourself or coach someone with to develop their Growth Mindset.

1. How well did your plans impact your performance today? Did you aim high enough?

2. What was different to what you had anticipated? How will you plan differently to improve your performance?

3. When and how did you explore or try new alternative approaches or solutions? Did you stretch your comfort zone?

4. What did you hear or experience today that challenges your view of the world? Do you need to shift your own thinking?

5. To what extent did you help people link the big picture with their local or personal challenges?

6. How did you look for ways to improve and benefit from cross-functional connections?

7. How did you SHOW UP today, i.e, in what ways did your emotions shape your interactions with others?

8. What were the emotions of the people around you and how did you respond to them?

9. How did you show confidence in and encourage others?

10. How well did you listen to others and how did you demonstrate that you value their input?

11. How did you deepen or broaden your network today, especially with people with a different role or word view?

12. How did you support and help others to achieve their goals? Did you lend a hand where it is most needed?

If you'd like to test your Growth Mindset, take the quick test here

Or take the FULL Growth Mindset 360 Test.

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