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Growth Mindset Assessment Tools

The Safe2Great™ model developed by Skip Bowman builds on the latest research into Growth Mindset and high-performance in the 21st century.

The Safe2Great™ model is the first to operationalize the growth mindset concept into a fully integrated system for assessing and developing people, teams and organizations.


The model responds to the call from consultants, boards and executives for new approaches to leadership and organizational culture that support agile, global and innovative teams.


Recent leadership and organizational failures demonstrate, too, the need to measure the presence of potentially toxic and dysfunctional behaviors as much as your ideal cultural preferences. Most engagement surveys fail to effectively capture potential organizational risks. 

To achieve this, you need tools that map culture, mindset and behaviors across multiple levels of the organisation. You need to identify and build on strengths, and also discover blind spots and derailers.


You need to assign responsibility to and hold leaders accountable for culture. You need shared cultural development goals and specific ones that reflect needs from business to business, team to team, leader to leader. 

The Safe2Great™ tools map and track how leaders shape team and organizational cultures.


Whether you want to map where you culture is right now, or how it has changed in response to your development initiatives, the Safe2Great™ development system provides a robust, scientific and scalable approach to putting Growth Mindset to work in your organization. 

There are different entry points to the Safe2Great™ system.


You can start with the Leadership 360, the Team Culture Survey, the Change Champion Survey, or the Growth Culture Survey.


All tools are based on the same principles of interpersonal psychology, psychological safety and growth mindset.


All tools use the Growth Mindset circle to visualise results and indicate development areas and change trajectories—so, no need to learn or combine different concepts. All tools make a direct link between mindset and effectiveness.


And, you can become certified in all or some of the tools to use in your organization or business. 

People with higher levels of personal and interpersonal psychological safety are more robust, more resourceful and more effective. 

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