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Growth Mindset is so much more than a theory of learning

What I have noticed coaching and developing leaders over the last 25 years is that Growth Mindset is so much more than a theory of learning. The potential for high performance lies between people not within them, unless of course, work was an individual sport; which it clearly isn't.

In my new model #safe2great, Growth Mindset is about #relationalpotential - how do you mobilise and fuel the commitment and collaboration of the people around you. That's what can really matter the most as a leader. And that implies that Interpersonal Risk is arguably more important than fear of failure.

What I mean is that it's more important at times to consider how you impact others, the outer game, than how you are thinking and feeling, the inner game. In fact, coaching people has shown me that it is also easy to make changes in your behaviour than in your thinking. Behaviour leads to change in relationships. These become hard facts that can help to catalyse a slower shift in mindset on the inside.

I'm not suggesting that one is more important than the other; however, research shows that context and relationships are far more influential on mindset than you might think. In fact, one of the key barriers to transforming your mindset is a theory of self that assumes everything some from inside you; that your inner game is the major determinant of your potential. A belief that recruitment companies would like to continue having.

That’s why I built #psychologicalsafety into my Growth Mindset concept. The result is a relational, systemic and interpersonal model.

So this leads to some important #Growthmindset leadership principles. Leadership based on relational potential strives to make people feel MORE...

  1. Worthy instead of guilty

  2. Recognized rather than ashamed

  3. Understood rather than blamed

  4. Cared for rather than mocked

  5. Connected to rather than despised

  6. On equal terms rather than patronized

  7. Empowered rather than helpless

  8. Decision-maker rather than loyal follower

  9. On the same team rather than enemy

  10. Creative thinker rather than trouble-maker

And the list goes on ... Shifting the focus of leadership development from the leader to the follower, from the individual to the relationship, from the universal to the situational, is what the Safe2Great approach is all about.

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