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From the Classroom to the Boardroom


Most of the literature about Growth Mindset relates to learning in education. What we really need is a robust concept of #GrowthMindset for teams and organisations as a whole if we really are going to be serious about applying the term to business.

Over the last 2 years, I have developed develop the #Safe2great system that enables us to measure and develop Growth Mindset in leaders, teams and organizations; even how to apply Growth Mindset to change management. The big difference with my Growth Mindset tests and assessments is the “inter-psychological” approach. Growth Mindset is not simply the ability to learn from mistakes. If you really want to measure your #Growthpotential, you need to take into consideration personal AND relational growth potential.

#Relationalpotential is closely linked to ideas of emotional intelligence and social capital. Successful people harness the intelligence, energy and commitment of the people around them. Relational potential is arguably significantly more important than personal potential alone. So, if you are serious about assessing and realizing your Growth Mindset, the mindset of your team and / or organization, try the Safe2Great system.

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