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7 Habits of Safe-2-Great Leaders

How do you put #GrowthMindset and #Psychologicalsafety to work in your leadership?

  1. Anticipate and remove setbacks and blockers for team

  2. Make sure that every team member has a real win—big or small—every day

  3. Ruthlessly let go of control and decision making on all of the work

  4. Walk out of meetings when the team is doing well without you

  5. Jump in when team members suffer setbacks or frustrations to build resilience and effort

  6. Coach team members on how to contribute more to everyday success and progress in the team

  7. Don’t just listen, champion your team members ideas

The key to great teams and organisations is #AUTONOMY. Magic ingredient for commitment and creativity and collaboration and quality. Stop blocking your team members intrinsic motivation with heroic and self-promoting leadership. Great leaders build their teams capabilities and then “Get the hell out of the way”

These 7 habits are deeply inspired by the book the Progress Principle by Teresa Amabile. I highly recommend the book #progressprinciple.

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