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📚 Unleashing Greatness: Safe to Great - The New Psychology of Leadership 🌟

I am thrilled to share with you an extraordinary book that has the power to transform the way we think about leadership. "Safe to Great" by Skip Bowman is a call to action that no thinking person can ignore. It offers a groundbreaking leadership framework that will undoubtedly become a classic.

Throughout the book, Bowman takes us on a thought-provoking journey, compelling us to reflect on ourselves and the world around us. He masterfully connects important social, geographic, and political issues, shedding light on our collective and individual leadership imperative. It's a call to action that demands our attention and compels us to make a difference.

One of the key themes in "Safe to Great" is the urgent need for psychological safety in our organizations, communities, and planet. Bowman emphasizes the importance of creating safe spaces where individuals can thrive and contribute their best. He also highlights the negative consequences that the four ages of our time—Green, Globotic, Caring, and Digital Enlightenment—bring with them. However, he also presents them as opportunities for something great to arise, inspiring us to embrace the threats, mitigate the hardships, and realize a recovery through thriving new ecosystems.

Bowman doesn't shy away from his social and moral agenda. He envisions a fairer and more equal world, striving to reduce stress, burnout, and mental illness caused by toxic workplaces and poor leadership. His vision goes beyond pure economic growth, emphasizing the importance of a just transition into the Green and Globotic Ages. Without good growth, the darker sides of these ages can erode psychological safety and jeopardize our organizations and societies.

In addition to psychological safety, the book delves into the power of a growth mindset and its role in driving personal and organizational growth. Bowman weaves together comprehensive research insights, personal perspectives, and practical tools, providing a wealth of knowledge to help leaders navigate the challenges and complexities of our time. He challenges us to reflect on our behaviors, cultivate empathy, authenticity, and emotional intelligence, and embrace a leadership approach that builds relationships and creates positive change.

Endorsed by industry experts and leaders, "Safe to Great" is receiving high praise for its impact and relevance. Katie Dardagan, an independent leadership consultant, describes it as a leadership framework that will become a classic. Ricardo Troiano, Head of Change and Organizational Development at Syngenta, commends Bowman for integrating existing thinking with new ideas, offering valuable insights for leaders.

The book not only offers a compelling perspective on leadership but also provides practical strategies and models that can be adopted in organizations. Charlie Pillans, a CEO and Entrepreneur, expresses excitement about implementing the models and principles outlined in the book throughout his organizations.

"Safe to Great" is a must-read for leaders at all levels, regardless of their seniority. Sandra Bertelsen, Regional Head of HR in Scandinavia, emphasizes that it's never too late to learn and that Bowman's insights have formed the foundation for leadership and culture in their region.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to create safe and inclusive environments that foster growth and bring out the best in our teams. "Safe to Great" challenges us to embrace a new psychology of leadership—one that addresses the unique challenges of our time and inspires positive change. Let's embark on this transformative journey together and unlock our full leadership potential.

🔗 Pre-order your copy of "Safe to Great" today and join the movement towards a new psychology of leadership.

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