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Built to Survive or Thrive?

#GrowthMindset and #Psychologicalsafety are now part of a complete model of high performance: #Safe2great. I have spent the last 2 years researching and developing this model to provide insights into how leaders can help humans win the "race against the machines". The #futureofwork is about change, creativity, caring, co-robotics and carbon-reduction.

Growth Mindset principles offer the promise that people go the extra mile rather than just follow orders, doing the absolute minimum or surfing the web for their next holiday. This what I call the Commitment Premium - the power of purposeful work. Ask yourself, how much more productive are you, when you are committed and when you work on a committed team compared to the opposite?

Committed people are more resilient, pay more attention to details, make a bigger effort, take more risks, innovate more and work more effectively with others. In my experience, this can lead to a commitment premium of 40-60% improvement in performance, if not more. What is your experience? Creating team and organizational cultures that provide the conditions for people to thrive rather than survive are essential for business success.

Is your organization built to survive or thrive?

To find out, start by taking some of our Quick tests or ask for to conduct a mini-Growth Mindset survey on your team or organizational culture.

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